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River Place Site #637

Located at River Place Campground

Sleeping Capacity: 2 Bedroom (5-6)

Water Heater: Propane and Electric

Furnace: Propane

Air Conditioning: Central Air 

Toilet: House Size 

Shower and Tub 

Fridge size: Full

Double sink in kitchen, oven, microwave



Shed: 2 (8' x 10')

Items Included: Umbrella, garden furniture, satellite dish, LCD TV, BBQ, propane tanks, deck doxes, wood pile, push mower, dishes, pots/pans.

Items Excluded: Satellite box, riding lawn mower, shed contents. 


  • River Place Site 637
  • Quailridge Park Model
  • 2008
  • 40' x 12'
  • $45,000.00