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Purifyd Systems Sales

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Pike Lake Golf Centre is proud to offer PURIFYD
® SYSTEMS to protect you and your
family from the accumulation of harmful pathogens in your recreational vehicle. 


At Pike Lake Golf Centre, we are serious about the safety of our customers.
That is why we now offer and recommend PURIFYD® SYSTEMS, a revolutionary health
protection service that keeps your family safe from harmful pathogens such as toxic molds, 
viruses, germs, bacteria and allergens that can live in your recreational vehicle.

                      Screen Shot 2019 10 02 at 1.15.48 PM             Numerous health studies have shown that over time all vehicles are prone to 
the accumulation of harmful pathogens which hide in the vehicle cabin and air 
ventilation system. This leads to an increased health risk, especially for 
children, seniors and those with weaker immune systems. The release of 
neuro-toxins from mold buildup is of particular concern because continued 
exposure can lead to very serious health complications. 
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Contact us at Pike Lake to learn more! 
We have the trained staff available to clean your RV while we are winterizing this fall – come back in the spring to a cleaner, healthier trailer! 
We recommend between 2 and 4 treatments per year,
depending on how you use your vehicle. Call your service advisor today to schedule 
a treatment 1-800-265-2551 or email jcoburn@pikelake.com